Entry #118

got my mojo workin.

2016-06-20 01:35:42 by UNDERNATION



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2016-06-20 18:03:54

I wasn't the only one thinking of you http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/deathink/gay-user-party
BTW, is that Asterix cameo anywhere online, couldn't find it on your Tumblr... though it might've been there, ya gots lots o' stuff in that bad boy.


ha ha yeah I saw. yo your inbox is full. tryin to send the comic to ya.


2016-06-20 22:41:39

Hmmm, for over a decade the PM Inbox only holds 2MB, not 3MB, like it says.... still not fixed and/or upgraded, even though NG scrapped it's servers and is nothing more than a ghost in the clouds.

I made room, lol thanks.


2016-06-21 18:56:51

You got your mug here? www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1330025/1880
I got uglier, posted proof there maybe 2 months ago. You still at that water beaten mini-mansion in NOLA? Saw some pics in my lurking, hope that wasn't your ceiling leaking that badly