Entry #114

Support me on patreon, or don't. I'm sure we'll still be friends.

2014-08-21 15:10:25 by UNDERNATION

hey peeps, I made a patreon for the couple of you sweet folks that wanna toss me a couple shekels once a month so I can make more doodles.1038478_140864822471_tumblr_naiyrumX9w1qi57k0o1_1280.jpg


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2014-08-22 01:24:26

Damn, I can't get cheap po boys anymore, that bankster robbery in late '08 changed a lot of stuff...
You get around to seeing this, PM me your Paypal account address again. I like the idea of Patreon, but am unconvinced of it's security... and lack of one-shot donations.


that's real. you can send it to nuulow@gmail.com.