finally get some answers.

2013-08-01 12:44:56 by UNDERNATION

I'm answered all you deep questions, solving all your problems. One day only. On tumblr. You're welcome.


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2013-08-01 14:39:42

Wow, looks like you got more followers than Newgrounds does!
Chicken or fish? Console or PC for videogames?


I love fried chicken but fish pick-up the check most of the time.
I haven't had a console or a PC since the 90's, but I'm deeply afraid of how much fun a playstation would be.


2013-08-01 16:47:00

Can a mustache make my afro look funkier?


it's a tough call. really an afro alone can be enough, but a lil extra flair is really a game changer. Nothing says superbly like a handle bar mustache, but if you don't want a lip caterpillar you can always go with some serious sideburns. Those are always poppin.