Robot Day

2013-07-10 14:59:52 by UNDERNATION

yeeee y'alllllll

Posted some pages from a comic called REBOOT that Sam Maiden and I are working.
If you wanna read more I posted hella pages on my tumblr.

Alsooooo, if you're in New Orleans or gonna be on the 12th I and a bunch of other radical writer/art types will be performing at fair grinds at 8pm! I'll be reading some stuff from DAYGLOAYHOLE issue TWO, and playing my broke azz banjo and maybe giving some comix away.


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2013-07-10 16:33:34

Happy Robot Day man, really great to see you back here. Good luck at the fair, I'm sure your drawings and playings will go down a proper treat with the crowdz :) Hope you walk away with some extra cash in your pocket!


tanx yo, it has been a while since I posted stuff and I've been a lil sad bout it.
But if I make a lil scratch I'll be able to make some more comix!!!!
I might make a baller 14 page comic for September, we'll see.......


2013-07-10 22:54:00

i was going to say hey man are those new pages of reboot?! but is just re uploads from tumblr to made it into robot day XD, is cool and all, until you see how lazy it really is haha, oh man you got me there for a moment, the comic is going great i wonder what will happen in the bandit camp, those robots are looking quite philosophical, for robots that is...


nooooot totally lazy DOOMROAR. I just finished the last two a couple days ago. SO THERE!


2013-07-11 01:11:28

damn you got me there, but i will be back, im always watching you...


ha ha, fuggin better bring my AY game with you around. yeeesh!