Ok, so no apocalypse this time....

2013-01-01 04:10:15 by UNDERNATION

That's means we get a little more time to avoid reflecting on the poor choices we've made in our lives. Personally I will spend tomorrow listening to old DMX tracks and scribbling insulting things in all the Crimethinc books I can find.

Happy 2013!

Let's start some new trouble.

Ok, so no apocalypse this time....


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2013-01-01 06:48:30

Don't worry, it's apparently going to end in 2015 :P


ha ha, what!? Who said that?


2013-01-09 13:22:47

I owe you an apology for my inaccurate insider info, which I hope is completely false. How's work on the big ol house?

Just had a micro-chance to glimpse your earlier work, and am astonished at the diversity of color. You're close on to 30, and I just went over 40 myself.... it's like a user (http://senatorjohndean.newgrounds.com/) had wrote in a title PM to me, "Your cynicism fits your age bracket". Maybe we both need to keep an eye out for more colorful vistas, as well as making some new trouble. Cheers man!


slowwww! It's pretty killer though. I guess this is my new vista as it were.
I'm trying really hard not to be cynical or bitter, mostly because I have no reason to be bitter and also it's not cute to be mopey after 25.
Hope your new years was killer and you didn't give yourself and ulcer and damage anything to badly like a balding cartoonist we both know.


2013-01-23 18:34:40

lol, "its not cute to be mopey after 25." I got a few years then.


2013-01-27 17:41:35

Considered buying you a 3 month premium membership at dA, but that seems kinda lame. Do you have a PayPal account? That'd make patronizing your good works a bit easier for me! Maybe set something up at Bandcamp, idk... sorta glad you got rid of Faicbook, that site is a mope factory.