Tour Dates!!!!

2012-12-11 00:53:51 by UNDERNATION

*UPDATE! I'll be at The Mint Gallery on the 16th at 6pm. I'll have boxed wine and Zapps for you!*

Hey ya'll I'm a super space cadet (fuck that, I'd never join the army. It's the flat feet you see.), and I only now realized that I needed to update the tour dates and announce some stuff. So the buggy is that I'm not gonna be able to roll through Texas (Austin and Houston specifically), I tried I really did. The problem is my waining punk street cred and the hard fact that comics don't seem much like a crowd draw. I guess I can't argue with that.

Atlanta was also a bust, but it's not for lack of leaving my year's quota of awkward phone messages.

Here is the final, 100% non-changing tour schedule. If I end up having an impromptu show or something I'll post it on here, but between The Hobbit (don't you dare judge me.) and finding all those pralines I buried in Savannah's numerous parks, it seems sorta unlikely.

Dec.12th-New Orleans,LA@7:30pmFairgrinds (yo this'll be Luka and my book release, and we'll have a bunch over other authors and a space bag, so come!)

Dec.14th-Pensacola,FL@7pm Open Books (we're gonna hang at the Food Not Bombs and hour before up the road and you should too!)

Dec.15th-Athens,GA@6pmFlicker theatre

Dec.17th-Savannah,GA@8pm The Sentient Bean (This is my old hometown, I may crawl into a bottle and stay there.)

Dec18th-Chapel Hill,NC@7pm Internationalist Books

Dec19-Boone,NC (the dang town all day, new kid din this is the only date I'm sketchy on and )

Dec 20th-Asheville,NC@7:30 Firestorm Cafe and Books

Dec21st-Memphis, TN@Java Cabana

If ya'll wanna a copy of my book and aren't gonna be in one of the cities I'm coming to you can holler at one via the inter-tubes.


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2012-12-11 01:34:56

aww mann


aw, dang I'm sorry I bummed you out!


2012-12-11 03:27:16

Ooo, what's a space bag? Is it that round tarp-thing you can fling up and sit under - those are rad.
So, what's after Memphis?


I'm afraid it's not nearly that family friendly. A space bag is what kids call a bag of wine.
I think we'll probably head back to NOLA. My buddy just bought a massive house and I'm gonna move in there and work on it.