DAYGLOAYHOLE on Tour in Lafayette, LA!

2012-12-09 09:23:36 by UNDERNATION

Peeps in Lafayette! Come out today (Dec 9th) 8pm to the Cites des Arts to see Myself, Elwin Cotman, and Luka Miro perform poetry, fiction, and comics!

I'll have copies of my new comic, some mini's, and you get to listen to the rare sound of me trying to play the banjo.

DAYGLOAYHOLE on Tour in Lafayette, LA!


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2012-12-09 17:14:40

I'd love to visit the city named after ,_marquis_de_Lafayette or Louisiana in general.
Hope it's a pleasantly surprising turnout!

And what do you mean 'trying' to play? If you can sing and play art the same time, ya can't be all that bad :)