2012-10-05 22:11:38 by UNDERNATION

From the bunker of Ben "Serious Pants" Passmore aka UNDERNATION, aka "Classy Wary."

So a couple times a year I scuttle over to texas and haul garbage and drunk/high/oversexed/given-the-mistaken-impressi on-they're-unique-and-important-to-universe hipsters for about a week. So I won't be posting things here after Oct. 29th until mid November or at my DAYGLOAYHOLE tumblr for a bit since I'll either be working at the wee hours or sleeping behind dodgy sound equipment. SOOOOO0000ooooo, I was thinking that maybe if any of you fine folks wanted to make a fan comic, picture, ect. of DAYGLOAYHOLE I'd post it whilst I was away and put it in the first official, no-shit, IN COLOR(whaaaa!?) DAYGLOAYHOLE ISSUE ONE that might be coming out in December.
PM if you wanna do it to it, or emailme!

PS, I might be going on tour around the south in December with DAYGLOAYHOLE, more on that later!



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2012-10-06 01:06:23

That's... some post. So, you'll be working at a festival as a custodian/vehicle operator? Gotta watch yerself haulin' big loads of crap around the public. Can only imagine what hipsters would throw out at concert..... more than just useless props and unwieldy costumes, I think.
I do hope some of the talented 'slingers of art' here at NG step up, and hitcha with some great lookin' pics!