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Entry #101

Well it's all over.

2013-08-24 08:27:34 by UNDERNATION

Last day of my twenties, any final words before I trade these cut offs for adult pants?

Well it's all over.


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2013-08-24 21:22:10

No way in hell bro i was sure about you being 40 something, so we are contemporanians (contemporaries?) or some shit? no way... that baldness and that beard are too epic, they are not from a man on their late 20's... does that mean im going there too? well nice but... i... i will lose my afro? no, noooooooooooooooooo!!!


All my head hair is moving to my chin? Can't think of a better explanation. Maybe you'll keep all your man, don't grow dreadlocks and that'll help a bit.


2013-08-24 23:41:11

Turning 30 wasn't too bad, but 40 was spooky. You know they got Propecia (pill) to grow back hair, probably hellaexpensive though.

This would be a good time to hunt for a permanent woman, if you don't have one already. Or fool around more. Either way, keep busy, and Happy Birfday!


Thanks mang! I'm just gonna keep rocking the baldness thing. It doesn't really seem to bother anyone else and grown men finally take me seriously.


2013-08-27 00:21:21

welcome 2 the club!


Do I get a badge or something? Maybe that's what's growing on my back...


2013-08-27 18:02:22

*sigh*, yeah. In addition to using tweezers around my eyebrows, I'm going after stray hairs above my ever expanding forehead. I don't need reminders to where my old hairline used to be :p


2013-08-27 21:22:19

Got it no dreadlocks, well they are too much work anyways, and the afro just needs to dry and it stays all fro, but damn sometimes i see the floor of the shower, and i know, i'm no longer 15... wonder if i should start growing facial hair...